Real Estate Development on the Costa del Sol

Andara Villas Eric and Paula

If you have a hankering for a mansion in Marbella, maybe you are considering snapping up a plot of land and designing your own dream home?

There is nothing quite as appealing as creating you own dream home built to your exact specifications. Imagine a luxury mansion set within an elevated private plot providing complete privacy and panoramic sea views. Then consider the architecture of your choice, the perfect layout, preferred finishes, fixtures and fittings, plus any quirky styling that appeals to you and your family.

The opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a bespoke property development is a powerful force. However, on the flip side of the coin, if you are thinking about managing the property development process yourself, for a beginner it could turn out to be a stressful, time-consuming and costly exercise.


Professional real estate developer

However, there is a solution, you can employ the services of property developers who are experienced in the desired area, who are familiar with the regulations, legal and financial obligations. Just as important, they will already have a network of contacts required to complete each step of the process, from technical architects to trades.

Andara Villas is a Dutch real estate development company and luxury real estate agency specialising in building luxury homes in Marbella. Since moving to the Costa del Sol 25 years ago, they have designed and built many homes, winning awards along the way.


La Concha Villas

Taking Andara Villas’ latest property development project, La Concha Villas, as a case-study we will give you an insight into the processes involved in real estate development on the Costa del Sol. So, you can see how employing the services of a professional property developer you can have the benefits of a bespoke new build without the drawbacks.

Andara Villas sourced and purchased the land on the famous Golden Mile in Marbella and obtained the necessary licences to design and develop two luxury residences (Plots size: 2000m² and built area of 800 m² plus terraces). Working together with established architects from www.archidomstudio.com it was possible to bring to life the team’s vision of the ultimate contemporary home in Marbella. The inclusion of bespoke features such as the majestic double height spiral staircase, multiple swimming pools and waterfalls have been made possible by access to the best talent and trades within this field.

Concha Villa - Andara Villas

Land purchase

The scarcity of prime plots of land in Marbella is no secret, there is a much higher demand that supply. However, there is also another hurdle that must be traversed before you can start to build, it is necessary to understand the rules and regulations with regards to building, in particular the types of planning zones.   For example, is the land you have found rustic or rural (suelo rustico) or is it an urban plot which already has access to utilities supplies (electricity, water etc).  Each zone has different building restrictions governing the size and heigh of the proposed property. The next step will be to obtain the necessary work permits. For example, your building permit will need to be signed by an architect, technical architect and a builder.


Professional services and trades

Finding and securing the land and the correct licences is only the start of this exciting journey. In order to deliver upon the dream, you will need to have the right professionals, such as architects, land surveyors, technical architects, landscapers. It is also crucial to contract the right interior designer who can work with your architect on the finer details of the interior design scheme.  Just as important is access to tried and tested trades, including builders, electricians, smart technology, plumbers and plasters.


Finances, taxes and permits

A successful property development project will require a project manager who can keep on top of the mountains of administration. You will need to take into consideration the acquisition of licences for land and property registration and the payment of registration fees via a Notary.  There is also a number of licences and official bodies where the property must be registered upon completion, including the Final Works Licence, Declaration of a New Build and a Certificate of Habitation from the Town Hall.


If you are considering commissioning the design and development of a luxury home in Marbella, get in touch with Andara Villas for specialist real estate development services.

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